The Examination kit

  • Individuals can subscribe to Interactive Medical Care services by purchasing the kit for $199, which comes with 1 year subscription, 1 free consultation and $49 for every following consultation during the subscription.
  • After one year, you can renew your annual subscription for an incredibly low price of $79 per year and keep your discounted rate of $49 for medical consultation for the whole year. Alternatively, you can pay $89 per consultation without any subscription as per your needs.

Free with Insurance

You might be covered for Interactive Medical Care services if you have medical insurance from reputable insurance providers. Check with your insurance company and ask for an Interactive Medical Care Examination Kit.

Healthcare That Travels with You - Get Your Kit Today!

Interactive Medical Care offers a unique combination of a portable medical examination kit and a subscription service that provides 24/7 access to licensed doctors.


The Interactive Medical Care Examination Kit allows users to perform a range of tests from the comfort of their own homes.

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From measuring body temperature and blood pressure to conducting ear, nose, throat, and urine tests, the kit empowers users to take control of their health.

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