Our innovative Examination Kit enables you to perform medical examinations from anywhere and anytime.

Welcome to Interactive Medical Care, the ultimate solution for remote healthcare. We’re on a mission to make quality healthcare accessible to everyone anytime and everywhere.

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Healthcare That Travels With You.

Examination Kit allows you to:

• Perform visual observation of the Patient,
• Perform visual examination of the injured or infected part of the body,
• Measure body temperature,
• Measure Blood oxygen level (SpO2),
• Measure Blood pressure, heart rate,
• Perform auscultation (listening to sounds from the heart, lungs or other organs),
• Conduct ear canal, eardrum, throat and nasal examinations,
• Perform on-site urine tests,
• Detect SARS-CoV-2, Influenza A virus, Influenza B virus and RSV.

24/7 worldwide access to healthcare practitioners

Our subscription services provide 24/7 access to general practitioners. Interactive Medical Care can diagnose medical conditions or recommend further medical evaluation, design a treatment and issue a prescription for a medicine. Currently, in Mexico and the Dominican Republic, we can provide delivery of the medications to the Patient’s address.

There are various ways to conduct an Interactive Medical Care consultation in terms of medical data collection:

1) Direct communication between the doctor and the Patient during the consultation via the application. No recordings, no collecting and/or storing medical information,

2) Fully recorded communication between the doctor and the Patient during the consultation via the application,

3) Partially recorded medical data for sharing with the third-party specialist or family doctor.

Perfect for Everyone

Interactive Medical Care is the perfect solution for any medical urgency. It can be used by any traveller, a remote worker, or a person or family living too far from the medical centers, or by an older person or anybody who might need a medical consultation at any given moment. It can be used at home, trailer camps, motorhomes, cottages, sailing yachts, trains, airplanes, cargo ships, training and sport camps, nursing homes, big plants or medium manufacturers, and corporate offices. It can benefit any association whose members might need an urgent medical consultation at any given moment. With our corporate packages and private label services, you can provide personalized kits and services to your staff or customers.

How does it work?

  1. Download the application. Make sure your Interactive Medical Care Examination kit is ready and in front of you. Request a medical consultation from the installed application. A doctor will contact you in less than 10 minutes. Follow doctors’ instructions during the consultation.
  2. Refer to the FAQ page for help.

How much does it cost?

  1. Individuals can subscribe to Interactive Medical Care services by purchasing the kit for $199, which comes with 1 year subscription, 1 free consultation and $49 for every following consultation during the subscription.
  2. After one year, you can renew your annual subscription for an incredibly low price of $79 per year and keep your discounted rate of $49 for medical consultation for the whole year. Alternatively, you can pay $89 per consultation without any subscription as per your needs. >> Check Pricing.
  3. You might be covered for Interactive Medical Care services if you have medical insurance from reputable insurance providers. Check with your insurance company and ask for an Interactive Medical Care Examination Kit. >> Learn More



A GAME CHANGER Solution for all travellers

Healthcare That Travels with You - Get Your Kit Today!

Interactive Medical Care offers a unique combination of a portable medical examination kit and a subscription service that provides 24/7 access to licensed doctors.


The Interactive Medical Care Examination Kit allows users to perform a range of tests from the comfort of their own homes.

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From measuring body temperature and blood pressure to conducting ear, nose, throat, and urine tests, the kit empowers users to take control of their health.

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